About us

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Connie & David

We are a couple of health care professionals who found it increasingly difficult to truly make a difference in the life quality of our patients within the profit driven environment we were working. So time to retire! 

And......we started a small coffee roasting company based in our home in Spring Valley, Wisconsin. Here, we roast only fairly traded and organic specialty grade coffee beans and strive to increase the number of direct relationships we have with the small coffee farmers.

    • Partners

      Looking for some freshly brewed or roasted Creekside Coffee? Check out our partner businesses!

      We've partnered with cafes, restaurants, and specialty food stores that carry our beans and brew our coffee. Whether you're looking to grab a bag of sustainably sourced beans to take home or enjoy a freshly brewed cup on the go, our partner businesses have got you covered.

      Check out our list of partner businesses and find a location near you!

      Our partners 
    • Our Vision

      To bring joy and make a positive impact on the world, we take pride in the final step of transforming coffee beans.

      Our mission is to delight you with the most delicious coffee, while fostering meaningful relationships through friendly conversation and collaboration.

      We are committed to empowering our community and partners by upholding values of perseverance, integrity, exploration, fair and direct trade, and social and environmental consciousness.

      Our coffee origins 
    • The Process

      We transform green coffee beans grown from organic plants. Hand-planted, tended, harvested and processed with meticulous pride by small farmers in rural areas under challenging conditions along the equator.

      Sold by fair and direct trade to importers and finally to our small home based roasting shop in Spring Valley, Wisconsin.

      Here, we carefully roast - using our environmentally conscious US Roaster Corp 5k Revelation Roaster - pack and ship or deliver delicious, freshly roasted coffee beans to a wide variety of our customer friends.